NEIT GMW Dept: Wayfinding Solutions


Our objective was to create a wayfinding system for the GMW Department at NEIT. We identified the wayfinding path from start to finish including nodes along the path. It was clear that after the first couple of nodes, users were presented with overwhelming choices at the lobby.​

Wide shot of Lobby with Welcome Kiosk & Mascot floor graphic

This confusion point is where we decided to create a large visual cue and navigation system. This includes a DIGITAL DISPLAY with signage as well as a COLOR & ICON coded pathway system that marks the floor. To further emphasize the brand impact, we chose to base this floor system design on the Tiger paw print. The kiosk will have a waving Techie Tiger on the screen welcoming the users, and they will be standing on the oversized paw print graphic while at the kiosk. ​

Close view of Welcome Kiosk in Lobby

The users will then be guided to GMW by the wayfinding path on the floor, all the way to the department with no interruptions. This eliminates further node choices after the lobby, which greatly limits confusion and makes the system simple and easy to use. The welcome menu on the kiosk is easy to use with buttons & color path callouts:

Kiosk Menu Design

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